Good ideas need a fair chance to succeed.
Let me help you succeed with yours
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What are your current professional challenges?


Are you procrastinating on a good app idea?


Getting derailed because you are not certain of the steps to follow?


Afraid of being out of pocket with nothing to show?


Fear of being embarrassed by the deliverables?

I get it.
I am here to empower you building the best solution possible.

What I will help you accomplish


Shape a business that has the potential to succeed


Create a digital product that is approved by your peers


Build the team that will match your ambitions


Have complete oversight on your project

Who am I?

  • Jonathan Gall is a business-oriented designer passionate about helping entrepreneurs.
  • Product Designer with hands-on experience in both Product Management and Software Development
  • 15+ years of experience in software industry, shipped hundreds of solutions to clients

  • Led Product Design at the Innovation department of Brown Brothers Harriman
  • Both launched and helped start-ups to ship their first products
  • Member of the board of the Product Development Days Conference in Kraków
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I understand how it feels to navigate the complexity of digital products and trying to build a successful digital business.


With my friend and fellow practicionner, Werner Puchert, we have been discussing about about the practice of being a designers, independant and expats in Central Europe.

Please do not hesitate to listen to our episode on:

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I had the opportunity to talk at several conference during the years

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